When you purchase on the marketplace, you'll be presented with download links immediately after the purchase is confirmed in your shopping cart and also by email.

But what happens if you click the links and can't find your file?

When you click the link to access your download, two things generally happen:

  1. The file is saved to your computer

  2. The file automatically opens in your default PDF viewer

If the file doesn't automatically open, the next step is to find the file on your computer.

The file location will depend on where your browser (eg. Chrome/Safari/Etc) saves files. It's generally a "Downloads" folder.

In Windows: look for My Documents > Downloads:

On Mac, also look for Downloads:

If that doesn't work, use the computer's search function and search for the name of the file you were looking for. Eg if it was "We Wish You a Merry Christmas", put part of that name in your computer's file search.

If that doesn't help, then you should check your browser's settings to see where downloaded files are saved. For example, in Chrome on Mac, click the 3 dots up the top right, then "advanced" in the left menu and you'll see "downloads" from where you can choose/see the download folder:

If all those options fail, please contact our friendly support team at marketplace@topmusic.co.