In order to embed audio into a product description, you'll need to upload the audio file to a free service like SoundCloud or YouTube.

You could also upload to YouTube and just have a static image for the video, allowing people to press play and listen to the audio only. Not as nice, but quick and easy if you're familiar with YouTube. See below for more details about YouTube.

Once you've uploaded your file to SoundCloud or similar, click the Share button:

Then click Embed at the top. You'll get some options for how you'd like it to look and you'll see a section with Code:

Copy that code and head over to the marketplace.

Adding Embed Codes to Product Descriptions

Start to Add a new Product and in the Description area, click the <> tool to go into HTML code mode:

This will pop up a Source Code window. Paste your SoundCloud or YouTube embed code in here:

Click OK and your sound file will be embedded in your post:

Here's a video if you'd prefer to follow along:

Instructions for adding YouTube videos to product descriptions

While you could link to a YouTube video with a hyper link (eg., it's much more effective to embed the video in your product description. Here's how to do that.

Open your video on YouTube and under the video on the right side click SHARE:

In the popup window, click EMBED:

In the next window, you'll see a preview of the what the video will look like and you can choose a "start at" time if you'd like. If not, just click COPY:

Head back over to your marketplace listing and follow the instructions above under "Adding Embed Codes to Product Descriptions". Paste the YouTube embed code as described above and you'll see the video embedded in your Product Description:

If you've got any questions or are having trouble, let us know: