Seller Store Currency

You can now choose to list products in your own currency. We'll then convert that automatically to $US on the front end of the site.

To turn this on (or off), go to Profile>My Account and select your currency.

Note: You don't need to change this if you're based in the USA or happy to keep working in $US when adding products.

Important Note: If you turn on local currency, you can't set a specific $US price anymore. For example, if you're listing a product for $AUD20, we'll convert that to USD and it may convert to $US14.32. You won't be able to adjust it manually if you'd prefer it to sell for $14.99.

In summary, if you'd like to set specific $US prices for the front-end of the store, don't turn on local currency.

Here's an overview video to explain the process:

Is it OK to turn this off if I change my mind?

Yes, just go to Profile>My Account and select <--Select Currency--> to turn local currency off.

The products you've added will remain at the $US price shown on the front end of the site. You can edit these as required through Product>Products Listing>Edit.