When uploading products using our product uploading guide, you may have some other questions either during, or before starting your uploading process. Here are answers to our sellers' most common questions.

Can I build my course on TopMusicMarketplace?

Not at the moment. If you have a course, software or online service that you'd like to link to TopMusicMarketplace, you can upload it as a digital product without issuing a downloadable file. More details available here.

Yes, we've got more information here.

Can I change the order of products listed in my store?

Unfortunately, the store order is currently fixed and will show your products in order from the newest upload at the top, to the oldest upload at the bottom. For example in my store:

While the order cannot currently be changed (this may be a feature released in the future), buyers browsing your store can use the filters on the left side to re-arrange products (see arrow above).

So please keep in mind that if order is important, and you'd like the first 3 products at the top of your store to be in order A > B > C. You'll need to upload them last in reverse order C > B > A.

We apologise that we don't have a rearrangement feature at the moment.

Can I bulk import product listings?

Yes. Please see instructions in this google doc for uploads by CSV.

How many images can I upload for each product?

You can upload a maximum of 5 images per product. If you have variations (you can add up to 100), then each variation can have images as well. Note: Variations only available on "normal" (shipped physical) products.

Image can be uploaded of any dimension but we recommend you to upload image with dimension of 1024x1024 & its size must be less than 15MB.

Larger images take much longer to download when people are browsing the marketplace so aim to keep all images under 100KB.

We recommend JPG/PNG file types. JPGs can generally be compressed more which reduces their file size without compromising quality.

What types of digital download files can I upload?

You can only offer 1 digital file per product. For sheet music and worksheets, programs, etc. these will generally be a multi-page PDF. However, you can also offer audio or image files etc.

What's the maximum upload file size for digital products?

That's 100MB, but remember that the bigger the file, the longer it will take to download (and upload!).

Product bundling

If you'd like to upload more than one file for a single product, please zip them into a .zip file before uploading.

What if I want to show a video or add HTML to my listing?

You can do this in the Product description window when adding a product. Here are some of the options. It will be familiar to anyone who is used to Wordpress site editing:

How can I encrypt/protect my uploads? What about customer stamping?

See this article regarding protection of digital downloads.

If you'd like to watermark/footnote your own works prior to uploading, you're welcome to do that. Any watermarks or footnotes will be the same for each customer downloading your product.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to stamp individual customer details onto each PDF separately. This may be technology we can develop in the future.

What happens when products are edited or updated?

If you'd like to update or edit a product, there's no problem with that. One a product is uploaded and issued for sale, you can login and edit that product and change the upload so that all future users will download the new version.

Users who've already downloaded the product will not be notified.