Adding Products

Under the Products menu, in the Products Listing submenu, all the product-related information will be here and the product can be edited, viewed and deleted from here.

To add a new product/service, hover over Products top menu and select Products Listing. Then click the "+Add Product" button on the top right.

If you have questions about a field on the add product form, look for the (?) buttons next to the field titles - click to find out more:

More Add Product Details

Please follow these notes when adding products:

Product Description:

Use this space to add as much detail about your product as you'd like.

You can format your description as you wish, but please do not add external links to your website and other places where people can buy this product. That is against the terms of your seller agreement and will result in your product being removed.

If you'd like to add YouTube videos or audio recordings, click here and follow this guide.

Product Tags:

Product tags are the topic or subject of your product listing. From the Products Menu, you can see a list of all the available Product Tags.

You can select multiple tags from the dropdown list or type your tag and choose it from the pop-up. If you're looking for a tag that is not available, please email and if we find it suitable, we will add it on the list.

Product Policy:

If you’re selling sheet music and would like to add licensing details, or if you’d like to add more shopping policies, use the “Product Policy” section as you add your products:


Please leave the "charge taxes on this product" ticked for all products. This is so that the TopMusicMarketplace can account for GST for Australian residents. It is checked by default. For more on taxes see this article: How do taxes work on the TopMusicMarketplace?


When adding products, you’ll need to choose a collection on the right side. We’ve pre-filled this with the most requested product categories.

If you’d like us to add other collections here for you, just email us (sorry you can’t do this yourself at the moment).

Overview of the Add Product Page:

Compare at Price:

The Compare at Price simply means that price is would originally sell for. So if you're selling a product for $25 on sale, and it's typically $30, you would put the $30 as the "Compare at Price".

The Compare at Price always has to be higher than the actual price you're selling for, or else it won't show up.

This is how this will show up in product listings:

And on the cart page:

Digital File Upload Options:


At the moment, you can only upload one document per product, so if your download features multiple PDFs or bundles with audio files, etc. please create a ZIP file and upload that instead. The file can be of maximum 100MB to be uploaded with any digital product.


Hit the "Add Product" button and create a product listing first. Fill out all the required details about the product listing. Then hit "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page. Once the product listing is saved, scroll down and the Variant Details will appear on the page. Click on the 3 dots as shown on the image below and you will see the "Upload File" button. From here, you'll be able to upload the PDF files as well as input the Number of Accessible Days and Number of Downloads.

What if my product is free?

No problem - just set the selling price to zero and people will be able to download for free. There is obviously no commission payable on free items.