When you confirm you order, you'll receive your download links immediately on the checkout page.

Here's how it looks after you've paid. The blue buttons are your download links. Depending your browser, clicking these buttons will either open your download or save them to your computer where you can open them.

If for some reason these links don't show, you'll also receive these links by email.

For example, if you navigate away from the above page before clicking your links, the page may look like this instead (this is also how it will look if you login to your account - if you created one - and go to "my orders" page):

In that case, just open your email (check your spam folder) and find the emails from Top Music Marketplace and open the email(s) with subject "Your Download Links"

If you don't receive any emails, or are having any trouble, please contact our team at marketplace@topmusic.co.

While these emails normally come through instantly, please give it a few minutes before contacting us and remember to check your spam folder, just in case!