Thanks for your interest in becoming a Top Music Marketplace seller.

I built this marketplace in order to give teachers around the world an easy platform upon which to share their products with the world, without the hassle of online marketing.

One of the biggest challenges facing any creator of online resources, courses, training, software, etc. is marketing.

Building an audience of people interested in your product can take years and cost lots of money. And marketing often is not a skill that music teachers are taught!

That's why selling on TopMusicMarketplace makes so much sense.

Topmusic has already done the hard work of creating the audience and global following. Now, you can put your products in front of dedicated and innovative teachers looking to buy, without spending months curating your own following.

Let's summarise the main reasons you'd join Top Music Marketplace (TMM):

  • Access to a vast audience of teachers around the world. While you can create your own website or use a platform like Thinkific to sell your courses, you still need people finding your products/services in order to make sales. This is the biggest challenge of online marketing: it doesn't matter how great your product or service, if no-one knows about it, you've wasted your time. This is the biggest advantage of joining TMM: you'll be selling to a huge audience of teachers around the world who already know, like and trust the Topmusic brand.

  • Easy to set up and add products. Creating your seller page and adding products is quick and easy. You can even bulk upload them using a CSV file if you already have products listed elsewhere.

  • We're not exclusive. You can choose to continue selling your products and services wherever you like in addition to TMM. This means that becoming a TMM seller is effectively risk-free. The only cost of setting up your store is your own time.

  • The marketplace advantage of "adding to cart". When buyers shop at TMM, they can add products to their cart from multiple sellers in one place. That means that you get added into the cart with other sellers' products in one shopping trip, utilising the power of the "all-in-one" shop in the same way we might go to Target knowing they'll have everything we need.

  • Recommendation engine. Every time buyers come to the marketplace, they will see recommendations of products they'd like to purchase. The most sales you make and the more positive feedback you receive, the more likely you are to be recommended, increasing the power of your sales.

  • Low commissions. With a premium seller account, you keep 78% of all sales you make (less 30c transaction fee).

  • Passive income. The marketplace will only get bigger over time so the work you put in now will payoff in time without further work from you.

These are just a few of the reasons why we feel so strongly about the power of Top Music Marketplace.

We look forward to you joining us!

Tim & TMM Team.