Seller Question:

"Pricing – the seller setup guide says that pricing is entered on the product page in $US – it seems to be in $AU – so when I view product on website it is showing price in AU at top of page – (was the commentary maybe for US sellers?) – under the actual product title where it lists the price, it doesn’t say if US or AU and when I tried to change the $ at the top of the page where it says “It looks like you’re in Australia”, when I selected USD, it still didn’t change the prices- so I’m not really sure which currency my the prices are listed in?"


The website is all in USD, so you’ll be entering amounts in USD when you add products. On the front-end of the site, there is a currency changer at the bottom of the page. If you set that to USD, the products will show with the price you entered them at. If you change to AUD, you’ll see the prices converted to AUD. Hope that makes sense. The “looks like you’re in Australia” pop up does the same thing, so you’ll probably already be in AUD.