Here's where you can find the links on how to edit or download the planner:

You have 2 options to fill out the One Week Practice Challenge:

(1) Open the file using google docs and edit there or on word

(2) Download PDF file, print and fill out manually.

Here are the steps on how to open and edit the file using Google Docs or Microsoft Word

1. Fill out the form using google docs or word by clicking on the Access Planner - Google Drive button.

2. After clicking that button, the form will automatically open in a new window in google docs. Please follow the steps below to edit the file:

If you want to edit it using Google docs - Click on File > Make A Copy.

This will open the document on another window that will be editable for you.

If you want to edit it using Word on your desktop / laptop - Click on File > Download As.. > Microsoft Word
The file will automatically download on your computer after this and you may now edit it using Microsoft Word.


  1. Login to the Inner Circle.

  2. Type this URL into your browser:

  3. Scroll down to the “Submission Section”.

  4. In the text area, let us know any thoughts about your practice experience and how it went. If you completed your Practice Planner online on Google Docs, paste the link to your completed planner here.

  5. If you printed out your Practice Planner, under the text area next to the word Attachment, click “Choose file” to select your completed template from your computer and upload it.

  6. Click Submit when finished.

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