Yes, we do offer refunds under some circumstances.

If, for any reason during the first month of coaching, you're not happy with the experience and you're not getting great value and seeing the benefits, you may contact us for a refund and cancellation of the program (or change of coach - see separate article).

Please note: refunds will only be granted in circumstances where members demonstrate that they've put in the work, followed the instructions of the coach and contributed to their own development in-line with the coaching.

Before contacting us for a refund, please compile notes and documents to support your request.

Refunds will not be offered if:

  • You've not set aside the time required to make progress

  • You've not followed your coach's instructions

  • You can't demonstrate the work that you've done

  • You've been too busy to be properly involved (yes, life does get in the way, but you'll need to manage this)

  • You've been sick (unless you, or one of your children, has an illness effecting you for more than 2 weeks of the month)

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