Elite coaching is for any members who are ready to make some changes in their teaching or business and want:

  • To avoid wasting time

  • A guide to help them

The main benefit of coaching is that you'll get far more achieved in less time than you would trying to do things on your own. You also have the benefit of the coach's experience and resources to help guide you.

Just the simple act of setting goals, writing them down, breaking them into achievable segments and making regular, weekly, progress, will have a HUGE impact on your studio.

And having a coach to hold you accountable will make this a game-changer!

The kinds of projects you might like to work on over the 12 weeks:

  1. organising all your resources, planning lessons, setting a curriculum, getting on top of all the "information"

  2. introducing group teaching

  3. Establishing an online business as a second source of income

  4. Building a youtube channel, online courses or podcast launch

  5. systemising and automating things like admin, billing, scheduling

  6. putting creative teaching into action

  7. organising your ipad and working out which apps to use and how to integrated into your lessons

  8. planning a pop piano recital for the first time

  9. planning a marketing strategy

  10. and anything else that you've been putting off or not having success with on your own!

When you join the Elite program, you'll list some of your main goals. This will help us find the best coach for helping you achieve those goals as we have coaches with skills and experience in all sorts of different areas.

If you want to do it, we'll make sure we find someone to help you get there. Whatever it is you're looking to achieve!

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