Anything really!

Whatever you want to achieve in your studio and business, we can make happen.

Even if that means going beyond your business into helping you establish a new business idea!

Here are some examples of the topics you could work on with your coach:

  1. organising all your resources, planning lessons, setting a curriculum, getting on top of all the "information"

  2. introducing group teaching

  3. Establishing an online business as a second source of income

  4. Building a youtube channel, online courses or podcast launch

  5. systemising and automating things like admin, billing, scheduling

  6. putting creative teaching into action

  7. organising your ipad and working out which apps to use and how to integrated into your lessons

  8. planning a pop piano recital for the first time

  9. planning a marketing strategy

  10. and anything else that you've been putting off or not having success with on your own!

We can help you achieve any goal you desire and, if we don't have the experience ourselves, we'll find someone or some resources who can help you and guide you all along the way!

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