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What are the transaction fees for sellers?
What are the transaction fees for sellers?

How much of the sale price do I actually get to keep?

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Seller question:

Will there be transaction fees incurred that will be the responsibility of the seller? i.e. If I list a product for $20, you would receive your commission off the top (eg. $4 if commission is 20%), then would there be additional fees deducted from the remaining $16 that the seller would otherwise receive?


Yes, each purchase of a product incurs a transaction fee of 30c that is the responsibility of the seller and this is paid by us directly to the payment gateway.

If there are multiple products in the buyer's cart from your store, you'd only pay this fee once for the combined total of their cart.

So in your example, you'd receive $16 - 30c = $15.70.

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