Please watch the video for instructions on how to sign up:

To sign up for the free subscription, please head over to

A few notes before you start:

  • The access to will be free for all Studio and Evolution members for as long as you are a member of TopMusicPro. TopMusic will be subsidising the cost of your subscription. For this reason, we ask that only seriously interested members take up this opportunity.

  • You will be charged a one-time fee of $15 to set up your free integration with This covers the cost of our accounting and administrative costs for connecting you with Keep in mind that regular subscribers pay $29.95 per month for access to tonebase.

  • If you stop using tonebase for a period of 2 consecutive months, your access will lapse and you’ll need to go through this process again. This is to ensure we’re not subsidising the cost of members who aren’t using the platform.

  • If you cancel your TopMusicPro membership, your tonebase access will lapse at the same time as your membership.

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