What is it?

tonebase.co is an incredible site for anyone looking to level-up their playing and it’s a fantastic resource for teachers to glean tips for their students and their own playing.

Their lesson library alone will absolutely blow your mind with some seriously big-name teachers such as Garrick Ohlsson, Seymour Bernstein, John OConor, Barbara Nissman and many more.

If you want a sneak peek inside you can watch an excerpt from one of their lessons here.

Normally, access to tonebase.co costs $29.95 per month, but we’ve negotiated a special rate for our TopMusicPro members of just $10 a month!

How to access:

To sign up for the free tonebase.co subscription, please head over to the Tonebase Member Discount Page and follow the instructions.

You'll need to set up a new $10/month subscription with TopMusic and then create your tonebase account separately. It will only take a few minutes. When you've created your upgrade subscription, we'll give you a code to access tonebase.

Watch the video on how to sign up here:


  • How much will I save?

    • You'll be saving around $19 per month ($228 per year) on your tonebase subscription using our discount.

  • Do I need to pay tonebase anything?

    • No, we collect your $10/month subscription and then you'll effectively be getting tonebase access for free. We'll manage your payments and access and everything will be organise in your Account Settings inside TopMusicPro.

  • When will I be charged?

    • You'll be billed monthly on the date that you signed up for tonebase. This may or may not be different to when you're billed for your TopMusicPro membership. Eg. If your TopMusicPro membership renews on the 10th of the month and you add the tonebase upgrade on the 15th, you'll continue to be billed separately on those days.

  • I'm a lite member, can I get this deal?

    • Sure! Members on any level of membership can access this offer.

  • What if I want to cancel tonebase but not my TopMusicPro membership?

    • That's fine. Just head to your Account Settings in the top right corner of the membership. Choose "subscriptions" and you'll see your tonebase upgrade listed. From there you can cancel tonebase.

  • If I cancel my tonebase subscription, will my TopMusicPro membership get cancelled too?

    • No, they are separate. You can safely cancel tonebase without affecting your main TopMusicPro membership.

  • If I cancel my TopMusicPro membership, will I lose tonebase access?

    • Yes, we'll automatically cancel both your main TopMusicPro subscription and your tonebase upgrade subscription.

  • I already have a free tonebase account thru TMP and have paid my $15 integration fee. What do I need to do?

    • In order to continue your access, you'll need to sign up for the monthly discount subscription at this link: Tonebase Member Discount Page. Once that's confirmed, you don't need to re-register with tonebase; your access will continue uninterrupted.

    • However, if you don't sign up for the tonebase subscription here on TopMusicPro before 31 October 2021, you'll lose your tonebase access. You may sign up again at any stage.

    • What will happen if I do nothing? Your tonebase access will lapse and the end of October 2021.

  • What if I already have my own (fully-paid) tonebase account which I purchased outside of TopMusicPro?

    • You may choose to cancel your current tonebase subscription and resubscribe with our process. You may like to use an alternate email when signing up at the tonebase end the second time to avoid any possible access issues.

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