TopMusicPro App

How to Use the TopMusicPro App explained in 3 minutes!

How to Use the TopMusicPro App explained in 3 minutes!

How do I login?

Use your normal member login details that you use to login to the main website. If you have trouble, test your login on the main website first. If it's OK there, it should work on the mobile app. If you're still having trouble, please email us su...

Can I access help on the app?

Yes! Navigate to the More menu in the bottom right of the app screen. Then scroll down to Member Support FAQ to enter our help centre. If you're inside the Academy, you can also send us a message using the pink chat button that will appear in the ...

What are Groups?

Groups are collections of members that gather together to chat about topics of particular interest, or due to their geographic location. You can browse all the groups and join any that interest you. From there, you'll be able to interact in a grou...

Can I start my own group?

Yes, but not on the app. To start a group, you'll need to follow this link on the main website and click "create group:": When your group is created, it will then show up in the app and you can ...

Is there a search feature in the app?

Yes. Look for the magnifying glass icon in the top right. It currently doesn't search discussions - only courses, lessons, topics and groups.

Where do I send feedback?

Please email us at for bugs and feature requests - we'd love to hear your feedback. :)

Where do I download the app?

You may download the app from the following links below: Apple: Android: In this video, Tim shares some quick ti...