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Support and FAQ for our Marketplace Seller partners and buyers

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How to download my sold product data in TopMusicMarketplace?
Why are my digital products suddenly out of stock?
How to become a TopMusicMarketplace Seller
New seller FAQ: What you need to know before you start uploading.
How to add Products to the TopMusicMarketplace
How to add shipping for your physical products
How to delete and edit product images
How to add audio and video samples to product descriptions
How to duplicate a product
"Permission denied" adding product to seller page
Adding product variants
Local currency settings for sellers
How to set "free shipping over $50" or similar
What's a "Directory Listing" product?
Selling software, courses and other external online services on TopMusicMarketplace
How to fulfil and ship your physical product on the TopMusicMarketplace
Is it possible to reorder the products in my shop?
Can I add a video to my seller profile page?
How to copy protect digital downloads (DRM) on the marketplace
What are the commission rates for sellers and what's a Premium Seller Account?
I didn't get my email verification link - what do I do?
Why is the price of my item different in the marketplace compared to when I set it up in my store?
Updating your Seller Account
How does copyright and IP work in the TopMusicMarketplace?
Seller - where do I login to my shop?
How do sellers report payments received for tax purposes?
What are the transaction fees for sellers?
Are there any contracts for selling on Top Music Marketplace?
Who picks which and how many of my products are included?
Does the marketplace include Physical Products?
I already sell my products on my website. Why should I sell them on TopMusicMarketplace?
Download after purchase switch?
Do I have to send my customers invoices manually?
What is "Number of accessible days" and "Number of downloads" and how are they related?
What currency are products uploaded in?
How do taxes work on the TopMusicMarketplace?